Tannin Energy Services, Inc is a leading rotating equipment service and supply company, providing a full range of sales, operations, maintenance, design, and fabrication services to natural gas producers gathering systems, pipelines, refineries and petrochemical operations. Tannin specialize is serving both the onshore and offshore markets out of its headquarters in Broussard, Louisiana.


Tannin provides the following services:

  • Compression Services
  • Power Generation Services
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance Management
  • Exchange Engine Services
  • 7 & 7 Service Technicians
  • Restage, Revamp, & Repower
  • Crane Services


  • Compressors
  • Driver Upgrades
  • Filters
  • Natural Gas Power Units
  • Power Generation
  • Parts

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Mechanical Services I & C and Power Generations
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